Purpose of Meta Elements [index,follow] and [follow,all]

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Why do we use Meta Elements [index,follow] and [follow,all] ?

Since search engine optimization always tries to improve popularity, meta elements are one of the best SEO practices where we target certain pages or the entire site for search engine indexing. We use these elements within our header and more elaborately between <head> and </head> tags.

Here is the exact syntax for writing these two elements:

<meta name=”Robots” content=”Index, Follow”>

<meta name=”Robots” content=”follow, all”>

These elements tells search engine crawlers/robots what to follow or search in priority from our site whenever users of search engines put queries of relevant keywords in google, yahoo, bing, alta vista etc.


Meta Element [index,follow]

Putting this tag in the header section means, we are instructing search engine’s crawlers to craw our main page/home page/index page in priority instead of rest of the site pages.


Meta Element [follow,all]

When we put this tag in our coding, it identifies that search engine robots must follow the entire site pages whenever it require to crawl our site. Putting this tag means getting more exposure in popping up in search results against many keywords/queries. The scenario is quite simple, the more pages we get indexed in search engines, the more chances to get in search results since each page uses many keywords when writing content.

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