Why do we need website and the hosting?

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It is a general question raised in our minds when thinking about website and the hosting for our personal or business use. So, I’m trying to explain it in a simple way to understand what exactly these terms are and their benefits.

What is a website?
A website is an online entity used to showcase our products or services on the Internet OR to share our personal information might be photos, events, tourism and even the distinguished work of our lives. The purpose is to share the same with the friends and family and to the globe through the use of Internet to achieve objectives. These objectives are most commonly the sales of products or the services a business intend to offer to clients.

What is a web hosting?
A web hosting means hosting a website on certain server location. In more simple words, your website contains pages with text and images/pictures which require a physical space and this is what a web hosting companies use to provide. So, the process of buying or putting your website on certain location is called web hosting and the company who provides you the location or space to put your website/data is called as “Host” or Hosting provider.

A website helps following in details:

* A website can reach distant clients/prospects/people.
* Handicapped/Paralyzed people can reach the required items/information from home through websites by sitting in front of the computer.
* We can express the features of our products or services in rather better way by putting text, images/videos and detailed information on the website.
* A physical shop can remains open for certain timings whereas a website is always open and available to review.
* A physical shop can attract only regional and local clients whereas a website brings clients from distant locations as well.
* Generally people can’t decide instantly while visiting shop for certain products whereas they can review and make decision when visiting website first and then approaching physical shops.
* By putting Home Delivery option on the site, can lead to customer’s ease of purchasing and increased number of sales for the business.
* People who are fond of traveling and visiting places (tourists) can store and share their experience to others through a website/blog.
* There are still numerous benefits of having a website for the personal or business use.

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