Impact of using https instead of http

Since the intact of https (Hypertext Transport Protocol Security/Secure), http became outdated. There are plenty of benefits using https including SEO ranking which becomes more beneficial. SEO ranking in terms of google search results would get better with https.

Using https means using secure socket layer (SSL), and as a result we are securing website, its content, urls, preventing third-party tampering, encrypting all communications, and making it more secure for visitors. Hence most of visitors skip sites not using https due to security risks.

Opting from http to https is quite easy and just a click away if you are using wordpress. Mostly we get a note on the dashboard after getting login to our wordpress website where it displays site health. So, simply click on the Site Health Screen and it will get to the place where you can change url from http to https.

Note: Do remember that the procedure switching from http to https might differ hosting to hosting, also since wordpress getting updated frequently, the options could be find in wordpress through some other method. So, the current is what updated latest.

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